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Fall is such an incredible fashion month, and I think we can all agree that this year in particular there is a fun exciting feeling in the air! People are starting to make plans to see family and friends in person and celebrate together.

After so many long months of hibernating, it feels so great to start levelling up our looks again.

This digital styling guide has been years in the making and finally feels like that missing link to bring my vision to life- to help women simplify the process of getting dressed and more importantly- to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident in their clothing.

Athleisure style is most definitely here to stay – and I am not at all mad about it. This is the best fashion trend of my life due to its ease, comfort and simplicity. It is my jam and I am going to simplify it for you. In the months to come, I am going to teach you what it is, and how you can look gorgeous in it- from the gym – to the office- and on a girls’ night out.

Black Leggings: The O.G

Is there a woman on the planet who doesn’t have a bare minimum of one pair of black leggings in weekly wardrobe rotation? Likely not.

But… let’s be honest… not all black leggings are created equal. I have seen enough see-through, bunching, slipping, thin and non-shapely leggings to last a lifetime.

The look on a woman’s face when she slips into a pair of Zyia leggings will never get old. You can literally see her stand up a little straighter and exude more confidence.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is what type of legging to select. There are a few factors at play when selecting a legging so I am going to break it down for you here.

There are 3 major factors to consider in a Zyia legging:

Legging Compression Levels

Zyia leggings have a range of compression levels that vary from a barely-there feeling to high compression.

Your Body Type

Body type and how you carry your weight will affect the selection of your leggings. Some of our waistbands have no elastic at the top and others do. I find that most people adore our Light n Tight line and the smoothing compression that they offer. However, others like myself with a more boxy shape/ short waist prefer no elastic top seam to be most flattering.


Your legging choice will vary based on your intended wear. Generally, a less compressive legging is more comfortable for daytime wear, while our compression leggings are amazing for workouts or when you need to be hands-free! The option of pockets is also a fun game changer!

Black Legging Review Guide

Check out my black legging review guide to help you choose what works best for you.

ZYIA black leggings review chart

Light n Tight (Highest Compression Level)

  • Most compressive
  • Will not budge/ do not roll  
  • Available with and without pockets
  • Mid-rise and high-rise choices
  • Crops, Capri, 7/8 and full-length options 
  • True to size (recycled fabric and patterns are generally more compressive)
  • Best for workouts

Brilliant (High Compression Level)

  • Smooth flat waistband- no added elastic 
  • Will roll on some people without the added elastic band
  • Available with and without pockets
  • Crops, Capri, 7/8 and full-length options
  • “Scrunchy what” option
  • True to size- size down for more compression
  • Great for daily wear

Unity (Lower Compression Level)

  • Barely there feel- very soft
  • Not compressive
  • Does have the added waistband elastic to prevent rolling
  • 7/8 length  
  • Size down one for the perfect fit 
  • Great for daily wear 
  • Our most luxurious fabric- cotton feel

Luxe (Lowest Compression Level)

  • Not compressive
  • Drawstring option 
  • 7/8 length  
  • Size down one for the perfect fit 
  • Great for daily wear 
  • Soft, silky fabric

Check out my black legging outfits and pairings to help you get started.

Easy Fall Layers

Fall is such a fun fashion season. The chilly weather provides the opportunity for us to layer our clothing, providing the ultimate style.

You have seen me time and time again put outfits together using very basic pieces. Black leggings… my favourite v-neck pocket t… repeat repeat repeat. But what makes athleisure really cool is the ability to throw on a cool pair of shoes, a killer jacket, and fun accessories like shades, a hat, or a crossbody bag and pull a great look together quickly.

These types of looks are so easy to create and the best part is – they’re really comfortable. Instead of going to school pick up or the grocery store in your old sweatpants, slipping into leggings, a simple tee and a jean jacket not only makes you look pulled together but makes you feel better on the inside which is ultimately the most important.

Slash Leggings

We can’t talk black leggings without a fun, interesting twist… Introducing the slash leggings!

Zyia’s Slash Leggings are a perfect alternative to your uncomfortable ripped black jeans. Don’t be shy! These leggings add a little bit of style and sass and can pull a pretty cool outfit together.

Let’s talk about the fit. These leggings are a part of our Luxe line, which means they are less compressive and we recommend sizing down one size. But, they do have the added elastic at the top, which most people love, to prevent them from rolling.

We show you how to pull together some really cool styles using these leggings below.

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