What is a Brand Ambassador? How to Make Money Wearing Clothes You Love!

What is a Brand Ambassador?

When I tell people I’m a brand ambassador for ZYIA, I usually get the same two questions in response.

What is a brand ambassador? And what do brand ambassadors do?

If you’re wondering the same thing, think about the last time you bought something because someone recommended it.

Maybe your best friend loved her Hayu subscription so much that you just had to sign up too. Perhaps your mom was so enthusiastic about a new restaurant that you went there for your anniversary. Whatever it was, you acted on it because the referral came from someone you trusted.

This is what a brand ambassador does. They represent brands they love with such enthusiasm and sincerity that others are inspired to buy (or at least try). If you’re passionate about activewear and could live in leggings 24-7, you could enjoy a rewarding career as a ZYIA rep!

What Makes a ZYIA Brand Ambassador Outstanding?

Being a brand ambassador for ZYIA is all about wearing and sharing clothes. That’s it! No cold calls or complex marketing strategies involved. You can do it online or in person, so the approach is totally flexible. If you’re wearing your favorite ZYIA apparel and sharing it with other people, you’re doing it right! If you want (and this is by no means necessary), you can increase your income by:

  • Hosting events
  • Doing pop-ups at the gym
  • Building a team

First, however, you have to stand out. Here’s how!

Be Yourself

If I could give you one piece of advice about being a stellar brand ambassador, it’s this: be yourself. Don’t do what everyone else is doing, because it won’t make you stand out. Be in your own lane. Be authentic. 

Share Things You’re Passionate About

What else do you enjoy? Gardening? Making sourdough bread? Collecting vintage teacups? Share it on social media. Don’t let your Facebook or Instagram pages be all about ZYIA. People are inclined to trust you more when you’re not actively trying to sell them something. Let the clothes speak for themselves: believe me, when your followers see how great you look in them, they’ll want in. 

Be Consistent

Whatever approach you decide to take- Instagram posts, Tik Tok, Facebook, blogs, YouTube videos- be consistent. People are a lot more likely to follow you if they know you’ll be updating regularly. If you post every day for a week and then disappear for two, they may assume that you’ve moved on, so they will too. If you want people to take you seriously you have to show up!

What if You’re an Introvert?

If you’re introverted, you may assume that you don’t have what it takes to be a brand ambassador. What do brand ambassadors do? Sell, right?

Yes, but you’re selling by showing how passionate you are about things you love, including ZYIA. It’s called attraction marketing, and you don’t have to be an extrovert to do that. I have social anxiety too, believe it or not. But Once I realized that people want to see the real YOU, not perfectly curated content (believe me- there’s enough of that already! lol), my business took off.  When you first start sharing on social media in an authentic way, it gives you confidence. With each little win, whether it be a positive comment or a sale, your confidence grows.

It’s a process, so don’t feel like you have to immediately put your face on a website or dance around on an Instagram reel- you may never do this and that’s perfectly fine! Your followers will want and need to see you, not a stock photo, but it can take time to reach that point. 

What’s really cool about this type of business is that you go on a journey. You may start out using Pinterest-style graphics to illustrate fashion ideas, but as you feel more empowered, you’ll put yourself out there more. Seriously- if I can do it, so can you 🙂

Why Be a Brand Ambassador for ZYIA?

When you’re passionate about ZYIA Active wear, being a brand ambassador delivers a wide range of personal benefits that include:

  • A 25% discount on your personal purchases. ZYIA has options for men, women, and children, so you can outfit your entire family at a reduced cost!
  • A rewards system that can earn you FREE and half-priced products. For instance, if you sell $2,000, you will get $300 in credits and 50% off eight items of your choice.

Athleisure and the athletic wear industry are HUGE right now, and there’s still so much room for more entrepreneurs. If you decide to be a solopreneur or build your own team, ZYIA gives you the following sales advantages:

  • New items are released WEEKLY. You will never run out of options to wear, show off on social media, or blog about, which is a great way to keep people engaged. 
  • You get a personal website that takes barely 5 minutes to set up. If someone decides they MUST have that tank top you’re wearing on Instagram, they can order it through your website and you get a commission.
  • ZYIA takes care of all shipping. Your guest bedroom won’t be stuffed with unsold inventory!

Best of all, there is never any pressure. ZYIA doesn’t require you to make minimum monthly purchases or sales or to hold onto anything you don’t want or need. You can grow your business on your own terms and at a scale that you’re comfortable with. 

Brand Ambassador Tactics That DON’T Work!

Think about the last time you received a recommendation and ignored it. 

Why did you pass on it? Was the party delivering it less than sincere? Was the delivery method too forced? 

When referrals look and feel like spam, we tend to tune them out because they look more like interruptive ads than genuine recommendations. Every time you go on Facebook, someone’s trying to sell you something, and they’re usually doing a poor job.

What you should focus on is adding value. When you want to succeed in business, your customers need to know, like, and trust you. Show them how great the clothes look and how much fun you’re having as a ZYIA rep, and they’ll respond. 

Want to Learn More About Being a ZYIA Brand Ambassador?

Being a brand ambassador can be a fun hobby or an excellent way to earn additional income. With ZYIA, you get to make that call. If you have questions or there’s anything I can do to help you get started, you know where to find me! Here’s to your success!

Interested in becoming a ZYIA Rep?

Activewear is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. By 2025, market specialists predict the US market value to surpass $100 billion in annual revenue.

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