ZYIA Must-Haves [Holiday 2021]

ZYIA Must-Haves Holiday 2021

Last month we launched the first edition of the Simple Style Guide (covering everything ZYIA black leggings, no less) and I was blown away by the response! Thank you all so much for your encouragement, kind words, and for supporting my small business. I am grateful for all of you and your support over the past few years.

This edition of the Style Guide is focused on 3 of my favourite things this season. Let’s be honest- any time someone is new to my customer community there are 2 Zyia must-haves that every woman needs- the black metallics and the peak zipper joggers. Hands down. The holiday season is the best time of the year to incorporate these favourites into your closet. They can both be dressed down with sneakers or boots or dressed up with heels and worn for work or date nights!

A super fun obsession of mine has made this holiday edition- puff sleeves! I.am.obsessed. I have found myself reaching for this trend over and over this season. To make things simple for you I have sourced out different options that you can scoop for the season- from super cheap Shein options to a gorgeous Anthropologie splurge!

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I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful festive season!

Black Metallic Leggings

When thinking about the classic, must-have holiday outfit staple the choice was so simple- black metallic leggings.

They are everywhere. They are universally flattering. Children through adults at any age can wear these leggings and look and feel fantastic. But this is definitely an item I would recommend prioritizing quality- it makes a huge difference.

Zyia’s black metallics have some qualities that no other brands have. They have a higher level of compression to suck everything in and a more subtle metallic finish that doesn’t look like plastic- it’s more refined. If you know you know.

These leggings will pair well with virtually any tops in your existing wardrobe. And my best advice- is don’t overthink it. Black metallic leggings literally go with anything- from a plain white tee to a statement blouse. With sneakers, boots or heels. Pair them with your favourite blazer at work and you will look stunning!

These leggings are true to size but intentionally compressive. Reach out to me anytime to help you find the perfect size.

Peak Zipper Joggers

If you are a part of my VIP community or follow me on social media you know that the black peak zipper joggers are my absolute favourite joggers Zyia offers.

I mean, let’s be honest- ALL of Zyia’s joggers are amazing… but this month I am highlighting my one true love.

These joggers are my all-time best-selling item and they hold this spot for a reason.

The black peaks are an elevated version of a jogger. The fabric is super stretchy, high quality, and finished with gold zipper details at the ankle. Stunning.

These joggers are the epitome of effortless style. Seriously- you can’t go wrong. My favourite looks with these joggers are a plain black or white tee, or a blazer.

My absolute favourite part of these joggers though- is the way that they make you FEEL. I have yet to meet one woman in my life who has put these on and not felt instantly beautiful. The waistband fit is perfect and hits right at that spot to smooth and the stretch hugs your curves in all the right places. If you are lacking in confidence and are looking for new pants that you will get lots of wear from- these are it. They are an absolute must-have.

Puff Sleeve Obsession

I have been thinking about this feature in this holiday edition of the guide for months! I am so obsessed with this trend.

Taking any top; blouse, sweater, blazer- and adding a puffed sleeve is SO cute and on-trend right now! This style is everywhere and I’m not mad about it.

Believe it or not- one of my favourite places to source this style is SHEIN- yes SHEIN- but stay with me and let me tell you why.

I like having a balance of pieces in my closet- and sometimes a good old (cost-effective) SHEIN haul is amazing for having variety and trendy pieces you may only wear a handful of times. And as with anything on that site- read reviews! In this guide, I have saved you frustration and tested out a few that are worth it! 

I have also included a couple of other splurge options that I think you are going to love. The best part- ALL of these options pair perfectly with the black metallics and peak joggers- such easy chic style.

PRO TIP: On any of your favourite websites for shopping search “puff sleeve”, “statement sleeve” or “ruffle” to generate some cute options.

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