ZYIA vs. Lululemon: What Leggings Make Your Butt Look Better?

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ZYIA vs. Lululemon. How far we’ve come.

Remember when leggings were only for workouts? 

Don’t remind me!

I’m happy to say that those days are long gone. Thanks to stylish brands like ZYIA and Lululemon, leggings are just as appropriate for a day at the office or a night on the town. All you have to do is choose a pair that flatters your figure. 

Here’s a secret: when it comes to a fabulous silhouette, not all leggings are created equal. 

I’ve been asked a lot about how ZYIA Active compares to Lululemon, which is a pioneer in luxury athletic wear. It’s been around as long as the Jane Fonda workout tape and has dedicated fans, but ZYIA has been taking the athleisure industry by storm since it launched in 2017. Naturally, people are wondering which leggings are-

  • More comfortable? 
  • More versatile? 
  • Better value for the money? 
  • More flattering?

Here are the answers you’ve been waiting for!

ZYIA vs. Lululemon Leggings: Let’s See How They Compare!

When you buy leggings, four things really matter: quality, sizing, fit, and pricing. Let’s see how ZYIA and Lululemon compare in all of these categories.


Quality-wise, ZYIA is, without question, one of the best activewear brands out there. Its leggings feature a four-way stretch fabric that gently shapes your figure without sacrificing on comfort. Other design features and technologies include moisture-wicking fabric and copper-infused fibres that minimize the risk of bacterial growth. There is both an art and a science behind a superior pair of leggings, and ZYIA is always investing in technology and innovation.

Lululemon’s proprietary fabric is Luon, a carefully-developed combination of lycra and nylon. Like ZYIA Active wear, it’s stretchy enough to accommodate your curves and has moisture-wicking qualities that leave you confident and comfortable even during intense workouts, but without the antibacterial qualities that ZYIA offers, you’ll likely be washing them more often!

Sizing and Fit

When it comes to sizing in the ZYIA vs. Lululemon comparison, few compare to ZYIA. Lululemon leggings range from size 2-14 for women: it wasn’t until September 2018 that the company introduced plus-size options in select styles, and this was after it stated that larger sizes were not part of its ‘formula.’

 We should all be able to buy active wear that fits and functions the way we need it to. Finding a product you love that isn’t available in your size is frustrating. In this respect, ZYIA has always been more inclusive, with leggings sized up to XXXXL, or a size 20.

You’ll also love the fit. With strategically placed seams, ZYIA leggings support and highlight your muscle tone while leaving you able to bend, flex, jump, and twist. A seam also runs along the top of the waist, which keeps these leggings in place for a frictionless and flattering appearance. 

Not sure which leggings are the right size or fit for you? What I especially love about ZYIA is that it has a rep service, which is like getting your own personal shopper! Your ZYIA rep can help you choose a pair that will look and feel like it was made especially for you. Lululemon does offer a tailoring service at all of its stores if your leggings aren’t quite ideal when purchased, but with ZYIA, you can get the perfect fit the first time around.

Pricing: ZYIA vs. Lululemon

When it comes to price points, ZYIA Active wear is the most affordable without sacrificing on quality. Full-length leggings average $85 CAD/ $69 USD / $101 AUD while Lululemon leggings average around $98 CAD/USD and $109 AUD.

Let’s take a look at a couple of our most popular ZYIA products and see how they compare price-wise with similar Lululemon gear in our ZYIA vs. Lululemon price comparison. 

Black Pocket Light n Tight Hi-Rise$85 CAD / $69 USD / $101 AUDFast and Free High-Rise Tight $138 CAD / $128 USD / $139 AUD 
Distressed Blue Ankle Cinch Hi-Rise 24”$98 CAD / $75 USD / $116 AUD InStill High-Rise Tight 25″$128 CAD / $118 USD / $139 AUD 

You can get some Lululemon products at a discounted price in its ‘We Made Too Much’ section, but they are all excess stock apparel and can be hit or miss when it comes to finding a style you like. In my opinion, ZYIA consistently provides the best value for money.


ZYIA is designed to support various activities, while Lululemon focuses more on yoga wear. If you’re looking for some durable leggings for hiking and biking or ultra-flexible gear for Zumba and spin classes, you’ll find the variety you need with ZYIA! 

With ZYIA, you can find shorts and leggings that DO NOT BUDGE even during tough HIIT or crossfit classes. This is by far one of the best features of the brand. No matter what gear you choose, the snug fit and comfortable feel ensure a distraction-free experience every time.

Family Fitness

Both ZYIA and Lululemon have achieved the perfect balance between comfort and style. It doesn’t matter whether your jam is basic black or playful patterns- you’ll find the perfect pair of leggings- for you, that is!

What about your significant other, though? Or your kids? The ZYIA vs. Lululemon debate continues…

This is where ZYIA Active really comes out ahead in the race. While Lululemon generally offers more athletic wear options for women, ZYIA has a comparable range of styles for men and children too. If everyone’s New Year’s resolution is to become more fit, a single ZYIA Active catalogue can equip your entire family for the journey ahead!

Quality Guarantee

ZYIA definitely stands behind their products! The Blue Moon Guarantee is a warranty against manufacturer defects: if your active wear doesn’t perform as expected, the company will make it right. If your piece arrives with a defect or develops one, ZYIA covers the items for up to 12 months from the date of purchase.

Lululemon’s return policy is slightly different. You can return most products free of charge, with the exception of gear from the ‘We Made Too Much’ section, which are final sale. If you’re looking to return a ‘Like New’ product (part of Lululemon’s resale program for ‘gently used’ gear), it gets a bit complicated: you have to visit a dedicated returns portal to receive a return authorization number and return instructions. You are also responsible for return shipping costs.

ZYIA Makes You Unique

You deserve active wear that’s as unique as you are. While classic black leggings belong in everyone’s closet, ZYIA also has an incredible range of limited edition products. Grab a style you love and you can bet that few -if any- others will be wearing the same leggings at the office or gym. Limited edition gear is exactly what its name suggests- once it’s sold out, it’s gone!

If you miss out, no need to worry- ZYIA releases new products every Wednesday, so there’s always something new and exciting to look forward to. Buttery soft leggings, stretchy pants perfect for the home or office- there’s so much to love that you’ll run out of closet space fast.

You’ve got a lot of choice when it comes to athletic wear. But if you’re looking for an inclusive brand that’s comfortable, stylish, and even an excellent business opportunity, your choice is obvious.

ZYIA vs. Lululemon? Welcome to ZYIA!

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Activewear is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. By 2025, market specialists predict the US market value to surpass $100 billion in annual revenue.

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