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I know what it’s like to have a vision deep inside as an entrepreneur and have a burning desire to be successful. Seeing others around you rising in ranks and earnings and be frustrated and exhausted doing more but making less.

I invested nearly one hundred thousand dollars and countless hours in trainings only to eventually realize that many gurus haven’t walked the walk in this business and even if they had, they weren’t teaching modern ways of working online and trainings always lacked actual tangible strategies.

Imagine what it would feel like to know exactly what to do each day in your business and not have to guess. Imagine waking up to leads coming to YOU in your inbox and not having to cold message people who really don’t want what you have to offer.

work with me

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Does any of this sound familiar?

Having to do more and more online parties despite the fact that people aren’t buying with all your efforts.

Teammates constantly in your inbox discouraged or even worse- ghosting you when you check in on them.

Starting every month at 0 and not knowing where your next orders are going to come from or what your volume will be.


Deanna Galbraith

Hi, I’m Deanna!

I HELP social sellers take the guesswork out of their business and get into the green.

It’s 2024. Yet all too often we see social sellers using outdated methods to build their business, which ultimately affects this amazing profession as a whole.

Spammy Tammys and Facebook posts that look like Vanna White holding up products are not effective, yet most marketers don’t know how else to sell their products and services. I’m guilty of this too because it used to work!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the definition of insanity- doing the same thing over and over again with the same result… nuff said.

Times have changed and with the significantly rise in affiliate marketing it has changed the industry, and I think for the better.

Let’s get you out of confusion, overwhelm, frustration and spinning your wheels and get you making money and having fun in your business.


Here are three ways we can work and
make magic together:

Become an Affiliate

Join my team as a brand partner/affiliate and earn income by sharing natural mental wellness products. Work with me to bring the Mental Wellness Movement to the world.

I teach social sellers modern ways of using social media to build a business and brand.

I will provide you with the training and coaching, including social media content strategy, to build a successful online business.


Become a Customer

Amare is leading a mental wellness revolution. We are the only company offering an entire line up featuring holistic mental wellness products for both adults and children.

The world is facing a mental health crisis. It’s about time a company is able to provide alternative solutions and it’s no wonder these products are in significant demand and going viral.

If you are like me and have found me through my story overcoming adrenal fatigue, lets help you kick your exhaustion, brain fog, weight gain, sleep issues, dizziness, etc. to the curb and get you feeling better.


Join My Facebook Group

Due to an overwhelming amount of women reaching out for help and sharing their story I decided to create a community where like-minded women could collaborate and where I could provide tips and tricks that helped me to overcome stage 4 adrenal fatigue. It started by sharing my story openly and honestly and has grown to a thriving community.

We would love to have you join us in our Hot Mess Express Community.


Deanna Galbraith

success awaits


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Kind words from team members

Working with Deanna has been an answer to prayer! After 12 years in network marketing I needed FRESH mentorship with a leader who leads with love, big vision and proven results. Deanna has the skills to teach you what is working NOW in social media and pairs that with the experience of growing a massive organization. This is a rare opportunity to partner with someone who is committed to helping you achieve your goals and has the results to show for it.
Angie GarnerBestselling Author of Time Millionaire, Host of the Angie Garner Podcast, Licensed Financial Consultant and Leader in the Mental Wellness Company
This isn’t my first time working with Deanna. I in fact met her with my first successful network marketing business and let’s just say we rocked it. Loved it. However, in the grand scheme of things we were made for more. So I followed her and here we are. Having her lead me and my team has been absolutely incredible and words can’t explain her genuine desire to help and lead with heart.
She helped me discover where I need to be and who I need to attract in order to see my own success. She has helped me along the way work out kinks and figure out my niche. Having one on one coaching with her has truly given me the confidence to duplicate her leadership to my own team. It’s not often you can find this type of business partner who truly cares for your success and pushes you towards your goals. When your leader is going viral on all social media platforms, you take her advice!
Amanda AndersonFounder of the Neurodivergent Moms Community and Leader at The Mental Wellness Company

5 tips to overcome adrenal fatigue

5 TIPS to overcome adrenal fatigue/ BURNOUT

I created a free guide that includes the top 5 tips that I used to help me overcome burnout/ stage 4 adrenal fatigue. I hope they help you as much as they did me.

Grab this free guide below!