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My Adrenal Fatigue / Fight or Flight Story

Hi! I’m Deanna! I want to share with you how I was able to go from mentally exhausted, physically burned out and struggling immensely with my ADHD to thriving! I was able to get my body out of fight or flight for good, heal my adrenal fatigue and balance my cortisol levels. But before we get there here is a little about me and my journey to get here.

mental health matters

Despite my huge smiles and inspirational content online, I have battled with depression and anxiety my entire life. When my children were born I experienced post partum depression and anxiety that was so bad I was actually hospitalized. We planned to have more children but because of my mental health we couldn’t. We bought the minivan and everything. It was supposed to be a really happy time in our life, and those who know me know I love my children fiercely… but it was the darkest time in my life without question. In sort of related news… I was also diagnosed with ADHD at age 40 and suddenly so much of my life made sense.

Entrepreneurship journey

I earned my Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy in 2006 and spent 17 years practicing, including opening and operating my own clinic. I absolutely LOVED helping people and using a holistic, client centered and experiential learning approach. I was on the road travelling and found myself working 60-80 hour weeks to stay on top of sessions, meetings, reports and administrative work. I vividly remember crying countless times racing to get to the after school program to pick my children up, knowing I would be the last one there.

 I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit as long as I can remember and I was introduced to social selling 6 years ago and fell in LOVE. I loved everything about the personal development, community and people and I quickly learned that I am a badass in this business. I am completely obsessed with helping people grow and step into their highest selves and to actually go for what they REALLY desire out of life. I realized this was my gifting and that I have a huge passion for it. I made the difficult decision to close my OT practice in 2022 after burning the candle at both ends and completely and utterly burning myself out. I knew I couldn’t continue doing both businesses and I went all in, leading my organization of thousands to well over 7 figures in monthly sales. But it came at a price.

the price of success

But by the end of 2022 things were starting to take a toll on my health. Despite being completely exhausted and fighting naps all day, I would lay down to go to sleep at night and be wired, or if I did sleep I often woke up at 3am with racing thoughts. I was riddled with anxiety, lightheaded, I lost my period and had gained 25 lbs. I made the painful decision to walk away from that business and start over. I was watching my teammates hustle to do more and make less, be in complete scarcity on a daily basis and unable to put their phones down to not miss out on restocks, and was carrying the burden of knowing that change was needed and having to be the first to make a move to a sustainable, consumable business. I knew there was a better way.

Throughout my adult life I have worked myself into complete and utter burnout at least 3 times that I can recall. You would think I would learn the lesson the first time, or actually apply the lessons I learned from spending a significant amount on coaching and services to combat this. I am a WORKAHOLIC and fight these habits constantly. I LOVE my work and have a passion for helping others. But this has resulted in severe adrenal fatigue and a nearly 10-year adrenal crash and recovery cycle. I wish I could tell you I’ve always been a health nut or have studied chronic stress and adrenal fatigue my whole life- but the reality is I did it because I was FORCED TO.

light at the end of the tunnel

Over the past 5 months I have been on a journey of healing my body. Healing from the cycle of fight or flight and complete exhaustion. Regulating my stress hormones for good.

I’m hoping that sharing my story is going to help at least one person today. I’m no expert but I’ve seen and experienced enough with myself and others to be a good listening ear. I’m thrilled to be taking you on this journey of healing as I’m already astounded by the response I have felt personally and my children have too with these mental wellness protocols.

To have a look at the exact fight or flight/ cortisol protocol that I have used and has helped me so much continue to read here.

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Top 5 tips to overcome adrenal fatigue

5 tips to overcome adrenal fatigue
Deanna Galbraith

Deanna Galbraith

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hi! I'm Deanna!

I’m an occupational therapist turned social seller.

I help women go from surviving to thriving and help people make actual money in their online business.

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Grab a free copy of my guide: Top 5 tips to overcome adrenal fatigue
Top 5 Tips to Overcome Adrenal Fatigue